Fundy Adventure Rally (

Our newest addition, the Fundy Adventure Rally began in 2014 and is a 12 hour(ish), 500km, four-day event designed for the adventure motorcyclist to explore the remote Fundy Region of Southern New Brunswick, Canada. The Rally features rider training, demo rides, workshops, seminars, moto film festival, self-guided tours, the Fundy Trail Parkway tour, a 250 km scavenger hunt ride, and culminates in a stellar 500 km multi-route GPS team ride for adventure riders of all levels

Riders will have to be part of a team of 2 to 4 members and are required to have at least one GPS between them for navigation as the main loop, options, and paved bail will all be supplied as GPS tracks.

The winning team is the one to have gathered the most points (awarded for completing the technical options NOT for completing the route first!). There will be a time limit to ensure that riders are back at base before nightfall, but the winners are judged by their ability to complete the technical options, nothing else.

For more information on the Fundy Adventure Rally please visit the website