Dawn 2 Dusk Rally (dawn2duskrally.com)

The Dawn 2 Dusk Rally is a 12 hour, 600 km event designed specifically to celebrate the joys of the smaller motorcycle. While we’re still evolving the rally, we’re currently allowing machines in the 125-500 cc range, so we can include as many riders as possible without losing the small bike fun factor.

Unlike the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally, there are no points to be garnered, no costumes to wear and no requirement to make your machine into something weird and wonderful. All competitors are required to do is set off at Dawn and return by Dusk (about 12 hours later) having completed about 600 kms of back roads.

The rally works because the rider has to be somewhat on their game (you can’t dilly dally) and because it’s just a lot of fun pushing a small capacity motorcycle as hard as you can without getting into the danger zone of riding bigger bikes faster.

To date the rally has been held for three years on Canada’s east coast, though we are currently developing a revival with a 2017 Ontario version. Stay tuned for more info here http://www.dawn2duskrally.com


The D2D has been an annual east coast event to date, with three basic routes through various provinces that we rotate around to keep it all fresh (the routes, not the provinces). Here’s what we’ve done to date:

D2D 2011 – Tri-province Maritime ride

D2D 2012 – New Brunswick’s Fundy and St John River loop

D2D 2013 – A right old romp through central Nova Scotia

D2D 2014 – The wet one