Welcome to the CMG Rallies homepage! CMG Rallies started out as an offshoot of the Canada Moto Guide but are now our own registered company (under the parent company 675469 NB Corp – yes, catchy eh?)

We currently produce two rallies, the Dawn to Dusk rally and the Fundy Adventure Rally. BTW, we used to also produce the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally, but that has been sold to KYMCO Canada as of early 2015.

The Fundy Adventure Rally (FAR)

The Fundy Adveanture Rally is designed for all Adventurists

The Fundy Adventure Rally is designed for all Adventurists

Our newest addition, the Fundy Adventure Rally is a  12 hour(ish), 500km adventure ride through the beauty of the Fundy area of southern New Brunswick

The FAR is designed to accommodate all dual sport and Adventure rides (min 19″ front wheels), from the relative novice who has yet to really venture off-road, to the experienced off-roader looking for a bit of a challenge with additional technical options.

Riders will have to be part of a team of 2 to 5 members and are required to have at least one GPS between them for navigation as the main loop, options and paved bail will all be supplied as GPS tracks.

The winning team is the one to have gathered the most points (awarded through completing the technical options NOT for completing the route first!). There will be a time limit to ensure that riders are back at base before nightfall, but the winners are judged by their ability to complete the technical options, nothing else.

The Dawn to Dusk Rally (D2D)

Unless you've ridden a small capacity bike you probably have no idea how much fun they can be.

Unless you’ve ridden a small capacity bike you probably have no idea how much fun they can be.

The Dawn till Dusk Rally is a 12 hour, 600 km event held between mid August and late September and designed specifically to celebrate the joys of the smaller motorcycle. While we’re still evolving the rally, we are currently open to all 125-500cc machines of 1 to 2 cylinders.

All competitors are required to do is set off at Dawn and return by Dusk (12 or hours later) having completed a 600+ km backroad and scenic loop.

The rally works because the rider has to be somewhat on their game (you can’t dilly dally) and because it’s just a lot of fun pushing smaller capacity motorcycles without getting into the danger zone of riding bigger bikes faster.

To date the rally has started in New Brunswick, Canada, though we are always looking at developing an Ontario version if the demand and support is there.