D2D 2014: It’s happening!

We’re getting the ball rolling on the 2014 Dawn 2 Dusk rally; there are some changes this year, but they should work to make an even better rally for 2014.

First up, we’ve had a lot of requests to let bigger bikes run the rally. It’s been a bit of a tough decision, as the whole quarter-liter challenge was a big part of the rally’s raison d’être in the first place. However, we had a few bigger bikes come along last year, and everybody still had fun, so for 2014, the rally will be open to bikes up to 500 cc. We’re still going to make this an event that you can rock on a 250, though, so the roads will be chosen with that in mind. This won’t be a leisurely cruise down a straight four-laner with your feet up on the highway pegs.

Speaking of the roads – we’re going to follow a similar route to the 2012 edition, that skirted the Fundy Coast and headed up and down the St. John and Kennebecasis rivers. That means you can expect cable ferries and great scenery on top of the riding. We’ll be starting and ending in the Moncton area.

We’ve run the rally in September the past three years, but the 2014 rally will take place on August 9. This earlier date should allow us a little more daylight to ride in, and hopefully we won’t have to worry about frost, like we did last year – although with this current Canadian weather, where spring feels a whole lot like winter, may mean we might never escape the threat of snow again …

We’re trying to get the features out as early as possible this year, so we’re working hard on the routing and other details. We’ll update you with more information when we can!

Yes, you do get to see the Bay of Fundy.

Fundy Adventure Rally 2014

The new Fundy Adventure Rally is a go! The rally will take place over the weekend of the 5/6/7 September this year, with a 500 km main gravel route and optional side routes for those looking for something more technically challenging.

CMR’s Rob Harris said “I’m really pleased that we could make this happen. We have a good record of putting together interesting rallies with the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally already well established and the small capacity bike Dawn 2 Dusk rally into its fourth year. However, I’ve always wanted to do an adventure-based event that highlights the great gravel roads and trails where I live in southern New Brunswick. Fundy is most famous for its high tides, but it also has an extensive network of trails and amazing scenery. By combining a basic gravel road loop and a load of more challenging additional sections I think we have something for everyone. It’s also going to be quite long, so there’s an endurance aspect for all.”

To really make a rally to remember, BMW Motorrad Canada stepped up to the plate to provide financial support and become title sponsor.

A fine day, good friends and a fast pace. What could possibly go wrong?

The Fundy area of New Brunswick is an ideal location to go adventure riding.

“Having someone like BMW on board is everything. Events like these really need to have a big player to support and endorse them in order to allow them to attract all the elements required to make them into something special,” Harris added. “With BMW’s well-established track record in the adventure market and whole-hearted support of the concept, we couldn’t ask for a better backer.”

BMW Motorrad Canada’s Chris Duff added, ”BMW Motorrad Canada is very pleased to be able to partner with Canada Moto Guide and the Fundy Adventure Rally.  Adventure motorcycling is such a big part of the BMW business that we jumped at the chance to support a new start up event on the east coast.  CMG has proven in the past that they have the desire and ability to put on a quality event that will grow into a must attend rally for the Maritimes.  We look forward to being able to help promote adventure riding in an area of the country that the “GS” family of bikes were designed for.”

We’ll be updating with more info on the rally over the next few weeks, so be sure to sign up for our email updates here.

MBSR 2015


KYMCO Canada is thrilled to be taking over the reigns from CMG to exclusively organize the 2015 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally. As a long-time title sponsor, we have participated as rally organizers, co-rally masters, and of course, rally participants. With nearly a decade of exposure to the insanity of this event, we promise to stay true to MBSR’s core elements, but equally look forward to taking it up a notch!

Editor ‘Arris will stay on as the asylum’s resident consultant, and may have the opportunity to finally get a taste of his own medicine if he dares to ride with the pack this time. Ah, revenge is sweet isn’t it? Dust off those scoots, and fire up those engines. You will not want to miss this one!

To follow the madness, connect with MBSR on Facebook:

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Like us on Facebook

To learn more, watch the trailer of a previous rally on YouTube:
View our videos on YouTube


June 19-21 2015. Ok, so you have over a year to plan it out and make it happen. Start brainstorming, team building, and costume making!


Somewhere in Southern Ontario, with general proximity to the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). We’ll keep the exact location and the proposed route top secret for now.


Any daring motorcyclist with an inclination for the absurd and access to a scooter – preferably 50cc.


Join the mailing list and we’ll let you know when registration opens early next year. Book the weekend off with your boss now (Friday to Sunday)!


Now really? We shouldn’t have to answer this question. Obviously to have the most fun you’ve ever experienced on a scooter, and to raise some well deserved funds for Kids Help Phone!

Stay tuned for updates about the 2015 Mad Bastard Scooter rally coming soon!

MBSR 2013 – The Wrap!

So many superheros in one place!

So many superheros in one place!

I had a dream. A messed up dream of superheros, gnomes, samurai, monks, vikings, beer maids, commandos, bees, Blues Brothers, a 70s cop and many other weird and wonderful things (both 1 and 2). It was a mad dream about Mad Bastards, and it was excellent.

But first let me apologize for the tardiness in getting this summary posted. I was admitted to the R&R ward of the Montreal MBSR asylum shortly after the event and then upon release and arrival at my estate in Sackville was inundated with all matter of mundane demands on my time and person and have only now been able to alight at sanity station.

But enough of the jollities, onto the matter at hand the Mad Bastard Wrap (replete with roasted veggies and a honey mustard sauce):


Lots and lots of photos for your visual delights here.

Lots and lots of photos for your visual delights here.

As promised we’ve amassed all the photos fit to share and posted them on our Smugmug site here. You’re free to download any picture that you’d like to keep for your records and all are available at full resolution. Thanks again to everyone who took and passed on such splendid photography!


Thomas Vernon actually stopped at three farms before a farmer agreed to let him strip naked and ride his horse. Brilliant!

Thomas Vernon actually stopped at three farms before a farmer agreed to let him strip naked and ride his horse. Brilliant!

If you remember the weekend (but then if so, were you really there?), you may remember that we had a couple of technical issues with the result announcements on the Sunday (go to the main story for details of our shame).

It’s all been fixed now so those who were sans-certificate of madness will be getting it soon in the mail and those who were wondering how everyone else faired may peruse the chart of madness below – which is sorted by class and social standing.

Maddest Bastard of them all:

  • Todd McAlary (beating out the 2011 winner Scooterman by a mere 13 points!)

By class:

  • Straitjacket class winner: Todd McAlary
  • Heavily Medicated class winner: Mario Seguin
  • Therapy Required class winner (corrected): Chris Couture
  • Day Release class winner (corrected): John Seesink
  • Media class winner: Dan Durston
  • Team class winner: The Fish Tacos

Full list of finishers:

First Name Last Name Rider # Points Class Position Overall Position
Todd McAlary 22 780 1 1
Scooter Man 1 767 2 2
Francois Perreault 11 749 3 3
Christopher Marszalek 4 709 4 4
Jim Louter 21 691 5 5
Jorge Rodrigues 24 679 6 6
Jeremy Smith 23 662 7 7
Dan Durston 14 660 8 8
Phil Woodley 27 633 9 9
Lee Martin 43 616 10 10
Jasen Juric 39 613 11 11
Gary Davidson 17 604 12 12
Kevin Wright 41 580 13 13
Michael Jones 12 558 14 15
Costa Mouzouris 29 540 15 16
Alex Grupp 16 529 16 17
Donny Orr 15 527 17 18
Yoshitaka Nakatani 34 525 18 19
Joseph Carbone 18 517 19 20
Tony Prezio 40 500 20 21
Matt Both 36 475 21 23
Mark Aloi 68 470 22 24
Rick Chang 19 452 23 25
Rachel Pickard 44 446 24= 26
Bernard Cousineau 10 446 24= 26
Anthony Fulmes 9 426 25 27
Marty Stelnick 20 424 26 28
Simon Racicot 26 408 27 29
Gregor Moss 13 407 28 30
Willie Urbanik 7 400 29 32
Roxanne Gallery 33 386 30 35
Sabina Heilman 32 356 31 38
Madeleine Velazquez 30 347 32 40
Darryl Irwin 8 336 33 41
Stuart Williams 6 221 34 60
Gord Barnes 5 212 35 63
Jordan Mulcock 35 DNF DNF DNF
Paul Hopkinson 42 DNF DNF DNF
Deirdre Marszalek 3 DNF DNF DNF
Mark Richardson 28 DNF DNF DNF
James Ringer 2 DNF DNF DNF
David Heilman 38 DNF DNF DNF
Mario Seguin 51 566 1 14
Kevin Burnett 46 478 2 22
Pierre Luc Seguin 52 402 3 31
Jodi Penney 50 387 4 34
Douglas Penney 49 373 5 37
Allan Robertson 56 333 6 42
Murray Pickard 45 315 7 45
Thomas Vernon 25 264 8 51
Brian Jakovlevski 53 246 9 54
Vicki Gray 31 224 10 59
Warren Seaton 47 DNF DNF DNF
Adwin “MadWin” Jansen 48 DNF DNF DNF
Brian Aitken 54 DNF DNF DNF
David Aitken 55 DNF DNF DNF
Jamie Leonard 58 DNF DNF DNF
Pam Weyrich 57 DNF DNF DNF
Chris Couture 71 380 1 36
Eric Gignac 70 301 2 46
Mondo Lulu 64 300 3 47
Matt Fletcher 37 290 4 49
Morgan Vallis 69 280 5 50
Jonathon Leonard 60 250 6 53
Tammy Irwin 73 245 7 55
Angela Lewis 72 240 8 57
Troy Hayward 63 228 9 58
Paolo La Vita 75 193 10 64
John Luu 65 189 11 65
Cindy Wilson 59 150 12 69
Colin Fraser 74 105 13 71
Jason Wang 80 29 14 73
Andrew McCready 78 DNF DNF DNF
Bob Parson 79 DNF DNF DNF
Gary Lee 66 DNF DNF DNF
Jennifer Kent 61 DNF DNF DNF
Stephen Jones 62 DNF DNF DNF
Bob Davidson 76 DNF DNF DNF
Richard Davidson 77 DNF DNF DNF
Dennis Heilman 67 DNF DNF DNF
John Seesink 89 390 1 33
Zac Kurylyk 82 353 2 39
Tom Woo 88 331 3 43
Kanishka Sonnadara 83 318 4 44
John Stocchetti 90 292 5 48
Hobie Post 81 260 6 52
Tibor Zsuffa 91 244 7 56
Michael Daignault 94 240 8 57
John Joedicke 92 217 9 61
H. “Matt” Matejko 93 216 10 62
Rick Rolston 87 176 11 66
Kenneth Beach 95 170 12 67
David Rubin 97 152 13 68
Tylor Donnelly 99 130 14= 70
Chris Duff 98 130 14= 70
Macgyver Tai 96 4 15 72
Harvey Miller 84 DNF DNF DNF
Stephen van Beek 85 DNF DNF DNF
Walter Heilman 86 DNF DNF DNF